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PADI Mobile Apps

With the PADI Mobile App you will have a PADI Dive Shop Locator, The latest Scuba News and PADI eCard for verification of your dive certifications.

Go to: and choose the app for your mobile phone. 

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Whale Song

the diving was great today - lots of whale song - very mystic!

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Photos by Colin Chenery

Colin recently dove with us for two weeks and kindly made some of his photos available.

Further photos can be viewed here

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Shark Week

In honour of the Discovery Channel's Shark Week, we thought we would post our most exciting shark encounter to date:
A Tiger Shark sighting!
This big beauty was seen back in March 2008 by Don while diving at "Double Dip".

Click here to see a video of Don's encounter.

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Sharptail Eel

I was thrilled the other day to come across a Sharptail Eel while diving at the site we call "Three Tears".

I have frequently heard these creatures referred to as "snake eels" or "sea snakes" but they are not snakes, they are actually a group of eels that resemble snakes in shape but have gills like fish. (No flickering tongues!) I find them quite gentle and content to let divers watch them as they forage around for crabs and small invertebrates, but like any creature with teeth I am sure they could use them to bite if provoked or threatened.
Hopefully I will see more eels from this family and if I do I sure hope I remember my camera!
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